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Dog Bites

Your Dog Bite Case Is In Excellent Hands

We get great results for dog bite cases.

Dog owners have a responsibility to ensure their pets are obedient and well trained for everyone’s safety. When a dog isn’t properly socialized, trained, and supervised, owners are putting others at risk of attack or bite injury.


Dog bite victims are often left with medical bills, and pain and suffering. The dog bite attorneys at Spivack and Spivack are here to hold owners responsible, and make sure your rights are protected.

What To Do If You've Been Bitten

Guidelines for building a strong case

  • Collect Contact Information: Ask for the names and addresses of the dog’s owners and any witnesses to the attack.

  • Photograph the Injuries: Take pictures of bites, bruises, and torn or bloody clothing.

  • Visit a Doctor: Make sure you get proper medical treatment to prevent infection, reduce the chances of permanent scarring, and provide a record of your injuries.

  • Report the Bite: Contact local animal control authorities and notify them of the incident.

Free Consultation

Are you avoiding qualified legal counsel for fear of how much it might cost? We provide FREE estimates so you can feel confident about our services. With Spivack & Spivack on your side, you can be sure to obtain the representation and benefits you deserve.

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