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Workers Compensation

Compassionate Workers Compensation Attorneys

At Spivack & Spivack, our workers’ compensation attorneys are there for you every step of the way. We understand the stress that a work injury has on your life. Most of the attorneys at Spivack & Spivack have experience representing large insurance companies and or employers. We know that an injured worker never intends to get injured.


We understand how a workers’ compensation claim is handled from the Employer’s prospective. We know that, when someone is injured at work, the Employer usually does not decide how the Employee will be handled. It is usually handled by an insurance adjuster or a third party administrator.


The workers’ compensation insurance adjuster or the company working on behalf of the Employer, the third party administrator, are specifically hired and trained to minimize the rights of injured workers. Their job is to make sure the injured worker does not get everything that he or she is entitled to by law. Our job is protect your rights and maximize your benefits.

Learn What Your Employer Doesn't Want You to Know

At Spivack & Spivack, an attorney, not a paralegal, will handle your case and will be your point person to answer all your questions. He or she will give you the personalized attention you expect and deserve. Our attorneys won’t leave you in the dark about what is going on with your case.


In addition to their knowledge of the Pennsylvania’s Workers’ Compensation Act, our attorneys are also very familiar with the systems in place at large local employers and can help you navigate the unique issues that arise when you work for a municipal employer or belong to a union.

We Understand What You're Going Through

 •  Repetitive work injuries (typing, packing, etc.)

 •  Injuries that aggravate pre-existing conditions

 •  Psychological and mental injuries

 •  Disfigurement of the face/head and loss of use of appendages

 •  Loss of vision or hearing

 •  Heart attacks on-the-job

 •  Occupational diseases

 •  Exposure to harmful substances or diseases

     (Hepatitis, MRSA staph, chemicals, etc.)

•  Death claims

You may be entitled to workers’ compensation even though your employer labels you as an "independent contractor." There are also injuries that happen while commuting to work which may also be covered. Don’t assume you are not eligible for workers’ compensation. Ask our attorneys and know for sure. Call now for your free consultation.

What Benefits Are Available?

  • Wage loss when you can’t work

  • Wage loss when you make less money while working on light-duty

  • Wage loss when you can’t work your second job

  • Medical benefits Compensation for facial scars and loss of fingers/hands/arms/legs

  • Lump-sum settlements

  • Death benefits

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